Heavy Vehicle Towing

Heavy Vehicle Towing Service in Calgary

Our Services provide a wide range of rescue and recovery services throughout the Calgary. Our team of accident recovery specialists can recover vehicles in any situation and are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We can recover almost any vehicle up to 7.5tons.

When you need power, the Lowlosttowing.ca team has the strength.  Our dedicated and experienced team strive to provide excellent customer care along with a reliable, punctual and efficient service.

Getting the job done

Heavy-duty tow trucks are equipped with under-reach and wheel-lift technology, making them proficient at providing high-powered, damage-free towing. This distinct technique begins by lifting from the axle or tires of the large vehicle.

The front end of the vehicle is then lifted in the air, until the back two tires are the only part of the vehicle that remain in contact with the ground. Once the vehicle is indeed secure and prepared for safe transport, it can finally be towed to the client’s desired destination.


Heavy-duty tow trucks specialize in towing some of the heaviest trucks on the road today, including:

  • Buses and commercial buses: tour, charter, city
  • Semi tractor-trailers
  • Pine-hook trailers
  • Bobtails, straight trucks
  • 5th-wheel trailers
  • Dump trucks, cement trucks, garbage trucks
  • Motor home moving and towing
  • Semi-truck decking and UN-decking
  • Transportation of cranes and heavy equipment

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